Renewal-scaled solutions of the Kolmogorov forward equation for residual times. pdf

CrossNets: cross-information flow in deep learning architectures. With Chirag Agarwal, Mehdi Sharifzhadeh, and Dan Schonfeld. pdf


Concentration inequalities for a removal-driven thinning process.  With Govind Menon. Quart. Appl. Math. 75 (2017), 677-696 . pdf

Building polyhedra by self-folding: theory and experimentWith Govind Menon, David Gracias et al. Artificial Life (Vol.20, Issue 4, Fall 2014). pdf

Self-assembly of mesoscale isomers: the role of pathways and degrees
of freedom. With Govind Menon, David Gracias, et al. PLoS One (Oct. 2014). pdf

In preparation:

Analysis and simulations of kinetic models for two-dimensional grain boundary coarsening. With Govind Menon and Robert Pego.

Effective behavior of cooperative and nonidentical molecular motors.  With John Fricks and Peter Kramer.


Medical Informatics Papers:

A network-theoretic analysis of hospital admission, transfer, and discharge data. With Nathan Ryan, Maria Cioffi, and Naba Mukhtar. AMIA Translational Informatics (Mar. 2018)

Aberrations in the iron regulatory gene signature are associated with decreased survival in diffuse-grade glioma. With Nicholas Marko, Cody Weston, et al. PLoS One (Nov. 2016).

Evolving patient compliance trends: integrating clinical, insurance, and extrapolated socioeconomic data. With Nicholas Marko and Arun Aryasomayajula. AMIA 2015. (Nov. 2015).