Building polyhedra by self-folding: theory and experimentWith Govind Menon, David Gracias et al. Artificial Life (Vol.20, Issue 4, Fall 2014). pdf

Self-assembly of mesoscale octahedral isomers. With Govind Menon, David Gracias, et al. PLoS One (Oct. 2014). pdf

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CrossNets: a new approach to complex learning. With Chirag Agarwal, Mehdi Sharifzhadeh, and Dan Schonfeld. pdf

In preparation:

Kinetic limits of piecewise deterministic Markov processes. With Govind Menon and Robert Pego. preprint

Analysis of a particle system model for residual times 

Medical Informatics Papers:

Aberrations in the iron regulatory gene signature are associated with decreased survival in diffuse-grade glioma. With Nicholas Marko, Cody Weston, et al. PLoS One (Nov. 2016).

Evolving patient compliance trends: integrating clinical, insurance,
and extrapolated socioeconomic data. With Nicholas Marko and Arun Aryasomayajula.
AMIA 2015. (Nov. 2015).