MATP 4600/ISYE 4750 :

Location: Lally 104 Monday/Thursday 2-3:50

Office Hours: Wednesday 4-6, Friday 3-4 in Amos Eaton 311

Grades are available on lms page.  Please notify me immediately if there are mistakes.






You may bring one sheet of paper with hand written formulas, examples, or whatever else you may feel is helpful.

Regrading Policy: To submit a regrading request, please follow these instructions:

  1. Submit your request in writing (either email or handwritten).
  2. In your request, state which problems you believe were mistakenly graded, and why your solution was correct.
  3. Turn in your request and original exam during office hours or after lecture.
  4. Submit all requests within one week of the exam return date.



For the final exam, you are allowed to bring two sheets of handwritten formulas for this exam, and can use both sides of each sheet.