Spring 2018: Differential Equations (MATH 2400 Sections 17-20)


Meeting time: 12-1:20 Tuesday and Friday DCC 324

Office Hours: Tuesday 1:30-3:30, Thursday 1-2 in Amos Eaton 311


Sect 17 Monday, 8-8:50

Sect 18 Monday 9-9:50.

Sect 19 Thursday 8-8:50

Sect 20 Thursday 9-9:50

All sections are held in Low 4040

TA: Matt Milone (email milonm2 at rpi dot edu)

TA office hours: Wednesday and Friday 1:30-3:00

Grade information may be found on the lms page.

The final grade consists of:

  • Three exams: 25% of course grade each. Approximate exam weeks are those of 2/26, 3/26, and 4/28; specific dates to come soon.
  • Optional Final Exam (during finals week): 25% of course grade. This score can only be used to help your final grade. If your average drops (or you don’t take the exam), the first three exams will be averaged for your final grade.

If you would like to appeal a grade, please submit your request in writing, either through email or on a sheet of paper. Explain in detail why you believe your exam has not been correctly graded. Arguments over how much partial credit you should obtain will not be entertained. If you write your complaint on paper, you can submit either in class or
during office hours. I’ll usually respond in a day or two with a decision.

Guaranteed grades are as follows:

A: 93-100 A-: 90-92 B+: 87-89 B:   82-86 B-: 80-81 C+: 77-89 C:   72-75 C-:  70-71 D+: 67-69 D:  60-66 F:       < 60

There is a possibility of a grade curve at the end of the semester, but this will not be determined until after the final.










homework5 (The final three problems deal with repeated roots, covered in Section 7.8. You won’t be tested on these, but generalized eigenvalues are interesting nonetheless, so give them a shot)




Notes: (Updated 4/24/18)



Exam 1 will be held on February 27, in class.  You will be allowed one side of one sheet of paper to write down relevant formulas.

sample exam 1

sample exam 1 solutions

Exam 1 solutions

sample exam 2

Note: The first question is on variation of parameters, which will not be on exam 2.

sample exam 2 solutions

Exam 2 will be held on April 6, in class. You will be allowed to use both sides of one sheet of paper to write down relevant formulas.

Topics for exam 2:

Mechanical vibrations- setting up 2nd order equations, amplitude (including optimization of amplitude) and phase for solution, resonance vs. nonresonance, steady state and transient behavior.

Systems of ODE- Systems of linear equations, eigenvalues, determinants, solutions of ODE for negative, positive, mixed real eigenvalues, solutions for complex eigenvalues, graphing solutions (including direction of stable/unstable manifolds, correct direction of orbits and spirals), classification of equilibria, initial conditions.

Exam 2 solutions

Exam 3 will be held on April 27, in class. You will be allowed to use both sides of one sheet of paper to write down relevant formulas.

Sample Exam3

Sample exam 3 solutions

Exam 3 solutions

The final exam will take place on May 9, in West Hall Auditorium from 3-6.  It will be comprehensive, and could only be used to your benefit. You are allowed to use two sheets, front and back, with formulas.