RTG Seminar: Spring 2019

Each semester, with funding help through the NSF Research in Training Group (RTG) grant, the math department hosts a weekly RTG/Dynamical Systems seminar.  This seminar serves as a means of drawing in researchers from nearby schools to talk about their recent work, and is also a great opportunity for graduate students and postdocs to gain practice with presenting mathematics.

The atmosphere for talks is relaxed, and food is provided.  A good portion of many talks is spent on questions and discussion, so we recommend speakers to err on the side of having fewer slides than the usual 50 minute presentation.  The majority of attendees are graduate students in applied mathematics, so we also ask presenters to try keeping their talks accessible to this audience.

We currently need speakers! If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact me at klobuj@rpi.edu.

Current Schedule: